Author Topic: Ammo for .22 BR?  (Read 16718 times)

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Ammo for .22 BR?
« on: March 22, 2012, 06:42:09 PM »
Hi Guys . My past love of centerfire BR coupled with a good selection of Anschutz and BSA International Olympic Quality rifles,(not in br stocks Tho) has given me much enjoyment in the past and feel myself gettin back into it. DOES ANY ONE Shoot .22 br Matches in Canada,and has anyone had good luck with any particular Brand of .22 Target ammo?

.22 's can be amazingly accurate, quiet, especially with subsonic target ammo and requires more wind reading skills than most types of target shooting, and sometimes its nice not having to do the loading

At Sharon Gun Club in Ontario, there is a group of guys who hold a informal silhouette competition Sat morn, year round, at 200 Meters at a pig about 4 inches long that gets hit alot more often than seems possible( 8 hits out of 10 are not uncommon) Mind you the range is fairly wind sheltered,

And the favoured ammo is FEDERAL 510 which is cheap, and at 1240 fps adds a bit more zip, especially for200 m. winter, but this wouldnt be the ammo for serious 50 yd. br



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Re: Ammo for .22 BR?
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2013, 01:22:26 PM »
Hello Phil,
I see it has been a long time w/o any replies. So thought I'd drop you a note. Hope someone finds it interesting.
Well, no recent experience w. T22. But at our Club matches, part of the curriculum is 22BR shooting, year round. You will see target grade ammo used made by Lapua and Eley. Most of the time it is Center-X or Match EPS. We shoot the IBS50 target at 50yds for a 500pt match. We've had several shooters make the 500pt grade. There are 10 matches to the series, leading up to a final Championship match at the end of the season. We all try our best; try not to take it too serious...but serious enough, and we all have a good time. And there is always some homemade tasty sweets on hand to sweeten the bitter taste of defeat, LOL
The vast majority of rifles being used are Anschutz in some form or another, so you can see why higher grade of ammo is being used to wring out the best in the equipment and from the shooter.
We also shoot Centerfire BR, but use the 100yd Varmint for Score, and not grouping.
Check out our club website some time: Petitcodiac Sportsmens Club,  outside of Moncton, NB
Wishing you good shooting!


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