Author Topic: Mission 22 Rimfire Benchrest - Monthly Match - August 13, 2022  (Read 602 times)

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With Mark absent, Paul stepped in with the following commentary:

A small but energetic group for this match.  The weather was fine although the wind seemed to come up a bit early.  It was good to see Nev out to observe.  Hopefully he'll be feeling up to kicking some butt in the sporter class next time around.  Welcome to Bruce, a new shooter joining the group.  Nice to see him putting Ray's Anschutz 64 to good use.  ManKay proved to us once again that this is a game of ammo.  Switching from Spanish ammo to Lapua Midas basically doubled his score.  Mel is threatening to put the Vudoo guys in their place once he has the bedding worked out on his Anschutz 1710.   Rumour has it that Dave has a new Anschutz 54 that will be making its debut in the next match.  This time around, Paul took first in Bench rifle and Derreck won in Sporter class.

...and here are the results:


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