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Seb NEO & MAX Slippery Bag
« on: November 09, 2015, 04:49:30 PM »
I have a product that people using the SEB NEO AND MAX have been looking for.  It is a 3 piece bag made of a slippery material similar to that of which the other major bag manufacturer uses.  The material has an extremely low coefficient of friction.  In my opinion it has the durability and appearance but has a much slippery feel to it.  I have an Edgewood rear bag that I have compared the material to and this is my observation.  

I currently have bags being able to have color added to them (Blue,Black,Green,Red,White,Orange and high viz green (almost lime)). or just all slippery material it is your call.

The bags will be selling for $75 for NEO and $85 for the MAX both prices don't include shipping out side the USA.  I will ship world wide but the buyer pays the shipping.  Multiple colored bags add 10$ to above cost.  Contract me for international shipping.

If interested please contact me at 715-203-9524.

Contact me for photos or check out my websight and to also order.

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