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Many thanks go out to you, Joe, Allan, Art, the target crew and Keith, for hosting the Nationals on perhaps the hottest days in recent memory in Mission. The heat played a role in that along with trying to shoot well, you had to stay ahead of the heat exhaustion! Congratulation to Hugh for being our National Champion for 2022!

Here are a few photos.

The rogues Gallery shot is L-R:
Allan M, Mike P, Steve H, Rob S, Mark D, Doug S, Hugh W, Tyler E, Rick P.

All, please be advised that the Lethbridge Fish & Game Association is hosting the above shoot after a 2 year pause. This shoot has deep roots in Alberta and with their newly renovated firing line it promises to be a great time. Course of fire, rules, and registration details are attached to this post.

Great photos, thanks Mark!

Equipment list is attached

Richard Nicol has written a detailed account of his experience at the Jim Latham shoot and has given us permission to post this document which was originally posted at his home Club. I think you will enjoy it. Thanks Richard! PDF file is attached.

Very pleased to report that Tyler Edmunds is your Stampede Shootout Champion for 2022! Tyler was steady the whole weekend in a well earned win.

Also happy to report Mark Dumont was second with a terrific "road" game.

Thanks go out to the numerous out of town shooters who made the effort to get to Rosebud in these times of high gas prices among other escalating costs. Further go out to the Rosebud Club and the helpers as well. See attached results and I will post an equipment list as soon as it is ready.

Next stop is Mission BC for the BRSC Nationals July 30-31, hope to see everyone there.

Reminder to everyone the Stampede 4-Gun Shootout is almost here.

Swap Meet will throughout the event
Thursday 3pm is BR201
Friday is ask Hugh a question day
Saturday is Sporter 100 and LV 100 and a BBQ after shooting (club supplies side dishes and soft drinks)
Sunday is HV 100 and Unlimited 100 and trophy presentation

Looking forward to seeing everyone there.


Mark, thanks for the detailed report. See you guys soon for the Nationals.

Qualifying standings post East West shoot.

Here is a short video compiled from this years Heavy Iron Shoot.

Rosebud Silhouette & Benchrest Club is pleased to announce  the Stampede Shootout will take place July 16th and 17th. This will be a BRSC sanctioned group shoot. Memberships can be purchased at the range if you need one. The Stampede Shootout will be 4-Gun contest. We will shoot all 4 BR group shoot classes in this event, all aggregates will be at 100 yards over the two days.  The Champion will be the lowest in the combined 4-Gun Grand Aggregate, with individual class aggregates awarded as well. Match Fee is $80 for the weekend. Dates as follows:

July 14th Thursday - BR201 Tuning and Cleaning discussion (3 PM)
July 15th Friday - Practice Day and Ask Hugh a Question Day
July 16th Saturday - Sporter 100 yds in AM and LV 100 yds in afternoon, BBQ after matches
July 17th Sunday - HV 100 yds in the AM, Unlimited (5-shot) 100 yds in afternoon, Trophy presentations after matches finished.

Camping is allowed and those looking to camp at the range should contact me in advance to make arrangements. This is dry camping with no amenities. Anyone looking for hotel recommendations please contact me.

Loading is in the clubhouse where we have space for about 30 shooters and their reloading equipment and there are electrical outlets are available for chargemasters, autotricklers etc.

We have 3 sets of range flags available for use by out of town shooters, and we also have Farley bases for people who want to travel only with the Farley tops.
There will be a BBQ on the Saturday after the shooting is completed. The club will supply the side dishes and soft drinks. The shooters should bring their own steaks, burgers etc to grill.

Friday practice day and BR201 is available for everyone. Out of towners and non-members let me know in advance if you plan to participate in this so we can arrange access on the Thursday and Friday.

If anybody need directions try this link: or

Last thought, I will have an area set up for a BR swap meet, so feel free to bring BR related items you wish to display for sale.

It is very helpful for us to know in advance who all is coming to this shoot, to arrange helpers and support to make the match run smoothly To that end please let me know if you are attending, unless we have communicated already.

Any questions please send them through to

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Club Events / Re: Selkirk Benchrest Shooters present BR101
« on: June 12, 2022, 09:59:24 PM »
Great to hear Calvin, and kudos to everyone involved in hosting the BR101 at Selkirk. The biggest challenge is in finding equipment. Time for everyone to look in their safe and see what they can part with and sell to someone new getting in the sport.

Equipment list is attached.

A sample of the rail guns on the line this weekend.

Well we got this shoot in just before it starts raining for the next 4 days, so we are feeling very lucky! It was a great weekend of shooting the unlimited class. If I recall this is the only place in Canada shooting unlimited class BR. We had 13 shooters out for our first shoot of the season. A good time had by all. Hugh Williamson was the big winner with Vic Edmunds takin second place. At times windy especially on Saturday, Sunday morning was fairly calm for the first 2 targets then the wind got going.

Notable performances from a number of shooters with 8 screamers being shot and a possible BRSC record shot by Wayne Miller with an .053" in Unlimited 5 shot at 100 yds.


Unlimited 10-Shot 200 yds:
Vic Edmunds - .420"
Rick Pollock - .400"
Vic Edmunds - .408"
Hugh Williamson - >422"

Unlimited 10-shot 100 Yds:
Rick Pollock .191"

Unlimited 5-Shot 100 Yds.:
Wayne Miller - .053" (a possible BRSC Record)

Unlimited 5-Shot 200 Yds:
Dean Weger .243"
Rick Pollock - .160"

Results attached below, and bottom picture is of the the Shooters  and their screamer certificates they earned today.
L-R Hugh Williamson, Wayne Miller, Dean Weger, Rick Pollock, Vic Edmunds

Club Events / Lethbridge Fish & Game Association
« on: June 05, 2022, 01:23:05 PM »
Yesterday Hugh Williamson, Wally Pollock and, myself went to the LFGA grand re-opening of their facility. This coincided with National Range Day and the 99th Anniversary of the founding of the Club. Check them out at:

Numerous renovations have taken place, notable for bench shooters is the extension of the Range #2 which is the Benchrest range. It now includes an expanded firing line and 16 concrete benches.

 A big shoutout to Dave Fisher and his crew for the fine work they have done to make this possible.

Benchrest is alive and well in Lethbridge!


Club Events / Re: BR101 Clinic at Rosebud Range May 14, 2022
« on: June 03, 2022, 10:55:01 AM »
Here is a short video of our BR101 Clinic

Updated qualifying points, post Super Shoot.

Attached are the results. Thanks Michel!

Click attachment to enlarge.

Reminder to everyone that we Rosebud will have our Heavy Iron shoot on June 11-12. This is an all unlimited class shoot where shoot both 5-shot groups and 10-shot groups at 100 and 200 yards. This is a BRSC registered tournament.

There is a practice day on Friday.

We will shoot 5 shot 100 yards Saturday morning and 10 shot 100 yards Saturday afternoon. On Sunday we will shoot 10 shot 200 yards in the morning and 5 shot 200 yards in the afternoon.

Out of town attendees planning to camp at the range, or non members needing access on the Friday practice day need to contact me to make arrangements.

Please let me know if you are planning to come so we can be sure to have the correct amount of helpers.

See you there

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