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starting to list BR equipment from the estate;
Pricing plus postage...
Will be adding

1.Neil Jones Precision Micro Powder Measure (Black) ,1 drop tube,1 powder bottle ....                                        .$300.00

2.Appears to be another Neil Jones Micro Powder measure (orange) 1 drop tube,1 powder bottle.....                    $.250.00
  This has the same appearance and has the same mechanics as the first.

3.Threaded custom machined PPC portable C press.Made by Clayton Martin (older BR shooters know this fellow).  $.250.00
 This is an extremely precision made C press made for PPC but I imagine would work for all small cases

4.K&M 6mm (PPC)neck turning set. 2 cutter tools , with jack and 2 expanding Tools andImp Wax.                         $ .175
   1 cutter with stainless pilot,1 cutter with carbide inside donut cutter ,Case holder& driver

5.Sinclair 6mm neck turning tool set (unused)                                                                                                   $80.00

I accept EMT and can be reached at
Pictures are available if requested.
Will be adding more as I get through the lots


BR Equipment + Components / BRASS SALE
« on: August 02, 2022, 10:10:52 AM »
Cleaning out Jim's Estate.Will have lots of BR and target rifles, scopes, reloading equipment and components to list shortly.
For now am starting with NEW brass.pricing does not include shipping.

Norma 6PPC                         48 cases in MTM box .                  .......60.00
Lapua Gold Box 220Russian (3 1/2 boxes)  350 cases ........................605.00
Lapua Blue Box  222rem  (2 lots)          400 cases .........................444.00
RWS 8x68S samelot  in fact boxes         200 cases.........................500.00
SAKO 22PPC                                          55 cases.........................110.00
EMT accepted
Can contact me here or email


June 1,2022 our friend and shooting buddy passed after a short illness.
He will be missed.

Gord Ogg

« on: April 25, 2022, 01:53:23 PM »

TCRC May 7, 2022 Rifle Shoot
Twin City Rifle Club

1858 40 Line, New Hamburg, ON N3A 4B1, Canada
A reminder of the May 7, 2022 Rifle 100,200YRD SCORE Shoot.

Classes are:
Bench Rest
NO Muzzle Breaks Allowed

Contact Rifle Chair - Joe Kroetsch (519-747-3068) For Details

Centerfire Discussions / An alternative to FF 220 Russian to 6PPC
« on: May 06, 2010, 05:44:42 PM »
OK.I've chatted with a couple of local PPC shooters about this we may give it a go to trial it.
R.Whittley had developed what he calls the 6 AR to be used in an AR platform
Basically take a 6.5 Grendal case (PPC boltface and Lapua quality brass) and neck to 6MM in 1 pass in the dies and go.
I was thinking that even with a tight neck and a light neck skim ,this sounds VERY interesting and easy.
The resulting case has a wee bit more volume but what the heck,   a simple PPC improved?
Anyone tried this yet? Reamer drawings available and dies available....

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