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Redding Type S Bushing Style neck sizing die complete set #78524 for a 30 BR Remington, new, unused with 1 bushing.  Looking for $300 shipped.

Rimfire Discussions / USBR50 and SK Rifle Match
« on: February 07, 2015, 04:32:21 PM »
I would never believe this.  Here are my results today using SK Rifle Match ammunition that has been sorted by ogive to rim length with a G3 comparator as well as sorted by rim thickness.  I shot this target with Wardlows last prize possessed Swindlehurst rifle which I am glad and thankful that he never shot, for had he shot it we may have never have gotten the opportunity to acquire it in a poker game.  The funny part Jeff, is that Dave makes me practice with cheap ammo and now he subsequently is afraid to give me a box of match ammo.  Still waiting for the tuner to arrive in the mail and this was shot in the same configuration that it was received in.

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